Custom Solutions

LiiON designs and manufactures custom solutions for a wide range of applications, including rail, solar, wind and switchgear. Each application utilizes numerous design inputs to ensure proper chemistry, system design, safety and communications. When customizing a solution, factors include:

  • Power requirements (long duration vs short duration )
  • Application temperature ranges
  • Cycle life requirements
  • Use cases
  • Communication and monitoring requirements
  • Power plant/charger capabilities/limitations
High Temp Lead Acid Batteries
High temperature lead acid battery solutions have been developed to extend the temperature operating envelope for traditional lead acid applications, extending life at higher temperatures and allowing users to reduce costs by raising room temperatures.
Lithium Battery Solutions
Custom lithium battery solutions are available from small backup power products to large stand-alone systems, with power ranging from 500Whr to 5000Whr. All designs include battery management, monitoring and protection.
LiiON designs and manufactures indoor and outdoor cabinet solutions with options that include electronics, batteries, cooling and other features.


LiiON Overview